University of Michigan

Jane Austen and Adaptation (ENG 313)

The Literature of Everyday Life (ENG 124)

Macalester College

From Literature to Film: Jane Austen and Adaptation (ENGL 386)

Green Language: Transatlantic Romanticism and Nature Poetry (ENGL/ENVI 294)

British Romanticism: Poetics, Politics, Aesthetics (ENGL 294)

Nineteenth-Century British Literature (ENGL 230)

Eighteenth-Century British Literature (ENGL 220)

Introduction to Literary Theory (ENGL 212)

Poetry (ENGL 135) 


Emory University

Romanticism and Gothicism (CPLT 202)

Strange Sociality: Romanticism to Modernism (CPLT 202)

The Art of Attention (CPLT 202)

Literature and Self-Knowledge (CPLT 110)